The Best Beer Advent Calendars 2021 

We have selected the best for you! These 2021 Advent calendars are for Adults only! And for good reason ! You will find all kinds of beers inside 

Beer of the world, French, local … These Advent calendars take you on a foam tasting for 24 days!

Mug in hand, advent calendar in the other, prepare for tastings of a thousand flavors.

Choosing the best beer Advent calendar:

The question comes back remember. What is the best beer Advent calendar ? Which one to choose ? It really depends on your tastes , your experience and what you are looking for.

Some prefer the boxes allowing to discover mosses from all over the world . This allows for a complete and varied tasting , always with the risk of not liking certain references. Others will favor boxes with local versions , such as Belgium , which allow them to focus on a particular type of flavor.

The selection of each advent calendar featured here is the best in the world. So let your tastes and intuitions guide you. You will not be disappointed for sure! Cheers ! (Note that they are reserved for adults!)