+60 Chocolate Advent calendars 2021 

Milk ,  dark or  white chocolate .. The choice will not be easy, for sure! Discover here the largest selection of 2021 Advent calendars with sweets and chocolate treats !

From the traditional Advent calendar, to the advent calendar made by a chocolate maker , your palate will be able to savor delicious chocolate for 24 days. But then, the real question is, can a calendar like this be shared? Good question ! Until then good tasting!

Chocolate Advent Calendar, which one to choose:

It’s not always easy to make a choice. We all want to find and buy the best Advent calendar. The most important thing is of course to indulge yourself with a chocolate that suits you well! This is the primary objective!

First of all, listen to your instincts, your tastes! Are you more traditional chocolate , praline ? Ganache or even Truffle ? Or, conversely, orient yourself on calendars with a varied assortment of flavors. We present the content of the calendars in the SPOILER tab or in the photos.

Then, aesthetics can be taken into account in your choice. The chocolate makers are working increasingly together with artists to design and illustrate their advent calendar. Let yourself be carried away by these works, these exceptional designs.

As they say, the pleasure of the eyes and the palate!

To help you choose, we’ve made a selection of the finest and best calendars. So discover them quickly and treat yourself to the Christmas countdown.