Original 2021 advent calendar: +60 references to discover

In 10 years the Advent calendars have evolved at an incredible speed. We have gone from a simple rectangle Advent calendar with chocolate to original bottle-shaped calendars bursting with luxury.

In this context, it is sometimes difficult to differentiate yourself , to create a box or a product that is out of the ordinary. And yet, each year new calendar appear and offer something new by revising their concept, always more extraordinary !

Original content , astonishing shape , new concept … Discover all the new models which do not fail to be original: seeds to plant, pines, jewelry boxes, CBD or even ice cream or cheese, these calendars of advent will amaze you!

Original Advent Calendar, which one to choose:

Are you wondering which one to choose from this selection? what is the best Advent calendar ? The most important thing is to make yourself happy! Is it the originality you are looking for? So let your intuition guide you. Is there one you like? Did you say wow when you saw him? Then it is surely made for you!

You can rest assured, we have made a selection with the best calendars , so check them out and treat yourself , next year it won’t be the same.