Best tea Advent calendars 2021 

Come and discover new flavors, new worlds and treat yourself to a moment of relaxation with these Advent calendars with a thousand flavors: tea and infusion.

Between passion and discovery, within these calendars await you, tea, infusion, rooibos or a different gourmet mixture.

You will be surprised every day by opening the box of your calendar discovering flavors of black tea , the white tea or even the green tea .. Or better yet these tea blends the taste of orange jasmine or .. mint.

Yes, with your 2021 tea Advent calendar your breakfasts or snacks will have a travel flavor. A sweet moment to share alone or with others.

Tea Advent Calendar, which one to choose:

It is not always easy to choose from the quantity of boxes offered. Which one to choose ? what is the Advent calendar with the best teas .. So many questions that you are legitimately asking yourself.

First of all, the choice is above all a matter of taste , it is important that you distinguish what you hope to find in your calendar: Tea ? Of Infusions only? with sweets ? A little of all three … This will help you guide your decision. (full content can be found in the SPOILER tab). At the same time take a good look at the different flavors to make sure you like everything.

Then, the other criteria that can be taken into account in your orientation, do you want a single brand or several different brands ? The budget of course and also the harvesting methods ( organic for example).

And so that you can fully focus on these choices, we have selected the best tea calendars for you. You just have to indulge yourself.